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Jasmeet Kaur Astrologers is famous Numerologist, Palmist, Gemologist & vVastu consultant.

Jasmeet Kaur Astrologers is well renowned name based in Delhi. We predict about various branches of Vedic astrology i.e. marriage, career, love, horary, horoscope matching, longevity, child birth, finance, education, progeny, Karma etc entirely based on accurate date time and place of birth and palmistry.
We suggest very effective, practical and simple remedies which improves your destiny and your luck start favouring in a rapid speed. We believes in “Pooja and Vedic mantras” not any tantrik mantras. Our motto is providing best astrological consultation with remedial measures throughout the world.
Perfect and accurate prediction will always guide you to brighten your future through scientific and simple remedies. All the astrology reports and horoscopes are accurate, appropriate, unique and innovative.
Perfect Astrology tells us tendency, personality and probability to be aware of coming dangers, diseases, situations and challenges. She believes that perfect horoscope matching of Bride & Bridegroom is most necessary as it removes disappointment after marriage. Babies born at same time across the world would differ a lot from each others as their horoscope would differ due to longitude and latitudes.
We are specilised in reading a clients Horoscope and telling about his/her Past, Present & Future on the basis of Date, Time & Place of Birth and then prescribing Astrological Remedies. People come to us for personal consultations from all over the NCR DELHI U.P.
We provides many astrological solutions to guide you to choose a right and beneficial business. If you already in the business and not getting the desired results, then we will suggest you the remedies to improve state of your business or suggest you to change the area of business after studying your horoscope.
In Indian Astrology we have to work according to the concept of relative motion & Earth is assumed to be stationary. While Sun & Moon are considered to be planets. Also two imaginary planets 'Rahu' (Dragon's Head) & 'Ketu' (Dragon's Tail) are taken into consideration. These two imaginary planets are actually two points on which the Moon's orbit & Earth's Equator (extended into the space) intersects. Other planets are Mars (Mangal), Mercury (Budh), Jupiter (Guru), Venus (Shukra), Saturn (Shani). Newly discovered planets like Uranus, Neptune, Pluto etc. are not taken into consideration.
Horoscope Astrology can be broadly divided into two parts: - (i) Calculation Part (Ganit Jyotish) (ii) Prediction Part (Phalit Jyotish). In Calculation part, birth details of a person: - date of birth, month of birth, year of birth, time of birth a.m./p.m., place of birth (village / city, district, state & country) are gathered and then position of planets at the time of birth of the person is calculated using some astronomical calculations. A 'panchang' or Ephemeris was used for this purpose earlier but nowadays many computer softwares on Indian Astrology are available to do this job & moreover with out any effort & with in no time. A horoscope is generated after calculations which consists of Lagna Kundli (Birth Chart), Chandra Kundli (Moon Chart), Navamansh Kundli & other divisional charts as well as tables consisiting details of Vinshottari Mahadasha-Antardasha-Pratyantardasha, Yogini Dashas and Ashtottari dashas.

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Personal Life Consultation

How is your present time in terms of money? What are the assumptions for money in future? The worth of your future at your fingertips.

Dosha Consideration

A kaal-sarp yog or kaal-sarp dosh is detected in a person’s birth chart when all the planets are between the rahu and ketu axis

Lucky Gemstone

The human body and soul are an integral part of the cosmic setup and as such are recipients of constant energy (life force).

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